In Collaboration with XYZ Coop and Gold Flint Flowers

100% Cotton Hand Loomed Tea Towels, Hand Dyed with Organic Marigolds


Marigold - Pericón - Cempasuchil

Marigolds, flor de muertos, flowers of the dead, are believed to guide spirits back to the living during Day of the Dead celebrations. Also known as a common garden border and pest deterrent, marigolds are especially prized in Mexico and India as a ceremonial and dye plant. These fragrant, bright flowers offer vibrant shades of gold, yellow, and orange, and the addition of rust can coax out gentle greens and greys. Certain varieties are also used to soothe the skin and stomach. Marigolds are versatile, hardy, enduring flowers, endowed with virtues for the supernatural and the everyday. 

Each tea towel was made by many hands working together to create an object of lasting beauty and function. Individually handwoven by Alvaro Lopez and family in Oaxaca using a flying shuttle loom. Alvaro is a long term collaborator with XyZ Cooperative. Dyed by hand in Brooklyn by Elemental Studio with organically grown marigolds harvested at their peak and dried in the shade at Gold Flint Flowers and Herbs in Boulder, Montana. 

A portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to La Morada, our favorite Oaxacan restaurant and community space in the South Bronx. La Morada has been serving free meals to the community throughout the pandemic. Because the owners are undocumented, they do not qualify for government loans or grants. Donations will help them continue to take care of the community and stay afloat in these uncertain times. 
This collection sold out; thank you for your support!