sarah bundle dyeing


Founded in 2019 and led by artist and educator Sarah Capshaw, Elemental Studio creates locally made, non-toxic, botanically infused practical pieces for home, play, and wear. As founder and Creative Director, I bring 10 years of experience as a practicing artist, and as an educator with roots in Steiner-based pedagogy.

My work is grounded in careful research and ecologically responsible practices. I source organic material from vetted provenances, and incorporate minimal-waste model into my studio practice: composting dye baths and materials and (re)using renewable resources. In addition to products in the eponymous line, I offer naturally dyed services to sustainability-minded designers and makers, and process-driven educational workshops. 

All of the natural color used at Elemental Studio comes from plants that naturally contain healing and restorative properties. I work with these dynamic yet gentle plants to create beautiful, practical, colorfast, and biodegradable pieces. I create everything with care and intention to bring you joy, comfort, and beauty, and I take pride in supporting fellow small businesses, makers, my community, and the planet. 



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